Better than seeing a picture of me.

Okay, I did promise that I would post a picture of me and maybe even a video. I triend to make a video on my phone But I did not like how it was coming out. I will look for my camera tomorrow. But in the Mean time check this out, beautiful colored wome.

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Cutest Video I’ve seen this week, Kinda makes me wanna dance.

please fix wordpress

Please wordpress people fix this.

home girl mama

UGH WordPress frozen

I dont know it it happens to a lot of you folks out there. But many times it has happened to me. I go on wordpress and everysingle area that has a space for oyou to type n has like freaking invisivle letter? WTF? really? It’s so frustrating to not see what you are writing. I’ve been trying to update what the header says becasue the one I have is so lame and I cant do it. AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I freaking hate this, Now I remember why I hadn’t been on wrodpress for ever.

If you look for help there isn’t much info on how to fix it. I know it could be my laptop , but i doubt it. .

I should go to sleep it’s almost 11. HOpe this studpid blog deosnt make me angry enough to habve nightmares.
Forgive all ht emispelled words since I cant see what IM writting.
Hope no one else has to deal with this nonesense.
nighty night.

NEWYEaR!!! 2010

Wow, it’s 2012. It’s true that when you have children time seems to speed up for some folks. It’s definately true for me. Im so excited for this new year. I’ve been lucky enough to have been able to spend the whole first year with my baby. I know plenty of moms who have to go back to work, school or other responsabilities.
Before I go off on a tangent, I am excited for this new year, because it’s the first time I have set some new year resolutions. Sure most people don’t go though with them, but I am going to have the internet to hold me accountable. I have gained too much weight. According to my BMI I am OBESE! Oh the horror. So my goals are of course to lose 40 lbs by the end of 2012 by eating healthy and exercising (mostly one hour walks/biking around the neighberhood). And also to correct my posture. Before this week ends, I will post some pictures and maybe a video of myself.
Good luck to anyone out there who has new year’s resolutions.

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time out for me

My baby girl just finished feeding and my brother is holding her. Sigh… of relief because she is getting so heavy my back hurts.  She is 3 months and she is already 15 lbs.  I don’t know if that’s normal but my back is killing me.

Anyway, it gives me a few minutes to write my first post on this blog. I always loved being alone.  I guess growing up with 5 other siblings I appreciated my alone time.  But now I have my little baby and she is awesome and growing way too fast.

I started this blog, because I wanted an outlet. I’m not much of an expert on anything specific. I am a middle child and I know a little about everything.  I love doing my make up and hair sometimes, cleaning, organizing, health, parenting….

So I’m not sure if I want to make this like my diary and let everyone in the blog world read and laugh at me or learn from my experiences. I will just let this evolve and hopefully I will be able to help some people out there especially mamas.

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