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So much for keeping up.

Hey nobody, that’s who has been reading my blog. lol.

I will update today.  I’m just dealing with family drama, and being way too poor if you know what I mean.  I have been trying to figure out what to do.  I have two choices to decide from right know.  None of them are anything I ever planned for but like if plans ever go like they should right? Plan A, B, C….. ugh.

I hope anyone else seeing this is doing better than I am.  I am losing weight thought 13lbs!!!  That is pretty awesome.  If I didn’t have a gazillion bills and zero dollars I would probably feel better than I do right now.  Anyway, currently I am at 174lbs, that’s down from 187lbs.  That means I have 24 lbs to go to be at 150lbs.  I’d actually like to be at 145lbs, but I know I need to be super active to stay at that weight.

Does anyone have any tips about how to try and keep your diet when you live with a lot of people and you cant always cook your own food?

thanks. 🙂


Mommy weight loss

It’s been about three months since I began changing my diet and most importantly my mind.  It took me that long to realize, that it’s not just about healthy choices but how I think about and live my life.  I don’t want to be obese, tired of every step I take, sick and unhealthy.  I don’t want to be diabetic and I don’t want to feel like I have to hide myself.

A few things have helped guide me toward making healthier choices.  One, was when I went emergency shopping for some pants.  (Emergency, because I had no work pants that fit).  I was in the fitting room trying some Dickies stretch pants on.  I though I had grabbed a size 11 in juniors size when I glanced at the tag.  There it was, I had been avoiding it all this time.  SIZE 15!  I bought them because I refused to go the plus size part of the store.  I put them on with a somewhat loose shirt, trying to hide my shame.  I was embarrassed, they fit so tight, I couldn’t put anything in my pockets.  That sounds funny, but I was sad, I really was.  I kept asking how I got to this point.

The second was my moms fault.  Four months after I had given birth I lost 30 of the 35 lbs that I had gained. I was at 165 lbs and my baby was just 4 months old.  I felt so good to be out of maternity pants and all my other stretchy clothes.  I was having a conversation with my mom about  losing more weight and she said;  “Oh no, you don’t have to worry about that, when your baby is around 5 months if you keep breastfeeding she’ll suck you dry”.  “You’ll be able to eat all day and you’ll just lose weight.” I though, sweet.  Free food for my baby, lose more weight and eat whatever I want.  Aaaaah heaven I though, because if there is one thing I enjoy doing, it’s eating.  It’s true, to sit down and chow down on some good food, taking your time to smell and taste, what more can I ask for.  So I ate, but I chose all the unhealthiest food.  Doughnuts with coffee, burgers, eating out, sweets, salty lol.  I indulged too much and then bam!  I was in the fitting room of some tiny store stuffed into stretch pants, size 15.  There and then was my wakeup call.  I started my seasonal job where I had to take a picture.  They made me an I.D. card, I didn’t recognize myself.  my cheeks, my other chin was creeping into my face.  Oh hell no, I was pissed.

It’s mid March and I’ve lost 13 lbs, I am at 176 I started at 187.  I will post some picture as soon as I find my camera charger.


I’ve woken up the last few days hearing the rain outside my window, saying bye to my man, who finally found a job. Awesome. I say goodbye to him and let him know where his lunchbox is, filled with goddies for his lunch time. He gives our baby a kiss and then me, he turns the lights off and closes the door behind him. I cuddle with my baby who smells like strawberry milkshake and listen to the rain outside my window.
Now the sun is out. I will get ready for work. I think today will be a good day.

Screw sippy cups, and update.

Update first. Yay! I havent stopped exercising. I haven’t been exercising like I should, but I have kept up with it. I took a 30 minute bike ride last week and i also started using a jumprope that I already had, so I spent no money. A plus for me because I am super broke right now. Anyway, I hate being fat, It’s horrible. I dont care what anyone says, being fat is not healthy and I am so not comfortable with my body, which is really what matters right after health. I hope I will be able to push myself harder when I exercise. Music definately helps so I will splurge on an armband for my very old ipod.
On the sippy cup, Yyeah, I was thinking of course my child needs a sippy cup because everyplace sells them and its, boob/bottle then sippy cuz then anyonther thing advertised, but I call BS on that. Um no I dont need to shell out 20 or 10 or even one dollar on a sippy cup. I will go straight to a cup for my baby, well, at least I’ll try. So screw spending money on a sippy cup. I wont do it.

Get moving!


Ha! all you other Ebay bidders, I just won a bidding war for a weeride kangaroo Ltd edition! Internet folk, if you haven’t seen one yet, google it and check it out. It’s a front riding child bike seat. The Limited edition one is plushier and looks more comfy than the regular one. I had to go to ebay because the only available ones are the regular version which doesn’t have as much padding.  And, above picture is what I got to start biking. I bought a pump, a bike bell and my baby a helmet. All I need is a child bike seat. I am super excited about biking again and exercising.
Also, Im sure that there are more, much more known blogs than this little Homegirlmama, but just in case I found two that I higly recommend. The funny one is she says she’ll make you feel better about your parenting skills but beyond that it gives you a good laugh well written as well. And, this one, this girl has 4 kids and stays classy, takes great pics and has these video scalled momversations check them out, could probably teach us about good blogging.

My Kolcraft Jogger stroller



This is stroller that I use to take my one year old walking with me. I set out a goal of walking at for one hour at least 5 times a week. This kolcraft stroller has a humungous bag it can hold most of my WIC. And that’s a whole bunch of milk gallons, so it has plenty of space. Having so much space allows me to carry a big load if I have to, but that’s also something I don’t like, it’s huge and takes up more than half of the sidewalk! This makes me have to get out of the way every time someone is coming towards me. However, It’s a jogger stroller and it doesn’t get stuck in the grass or other terrain, that smaller strollers would get stuck in. The one thing that bothers me now is just that, how big it is, and forget about getting on any public transportation with this, too bulky way too heavy. It is more help then hinder, allows me to take my walks with my baby and carry things that I need. I am thinking of selling this one on craigslist and investing in one called the mini city jogger. If you have any questions about my huge stroller ask me.

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One way to lose weight


For For all you mamas or anyone who wants to start exercising listen to this. If it’s hard to get started exercising, DO NOT set super high expectations. For example, starting by saying you will lose a pound a day, a no no. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. Start by walking, biking, dancing, or anything that gets you moving, even signing up some were. I know that I might not be able to walk every day, so I allowed myself to make it only 5 days a week. How do I know what I am saying, I’ve done this before. When I got out of high school I was so overweight. I was eating at fast food places all the time and drinking soda like there was no tomorrow. When I got out of school, I decided there was no way I was going to the plus size part of the stores. I signed up with a gym and started working out daily. I stopped cold turkey going to fast food places and drinking soda I lost about 10lbs in one month. Then I took it slow. Eventually after one year of changing my habits and exercising (most important part), I lost 40 lbs. I know most of us want to lose it all quick, but I don’t recommend that. I think it’s about changing our habits, and our lifestyles. It’s hard, but it’s doable, don’t give up people, be healthy.

Cant figure the photo posting, yet.


This is the photo I wanted to post with “better than seeing me post” beautiful, check it out.

Worth A Thousand Words

Wow, I’ve heard that saying about a gazillion times, but this picture would have you saying, “A picture is woths a thouszand pounds” lol. Okay I’m pretty sure I dont’ weight 1000 lbs but I sure feel like it especially now that I see these pictures, I am 185! Yikes!. Way over my recomended weight for my height 5’3″”. I would even feel ok at 150 but this is taking a toll on me. Those pants that I am wearing in the pictures are the ones that fit me the least tight. It’s a sobering experience to see yourself how others see you.




Sleep to Lose Weight!


That sounds super easy, I’ll just sleep all day :), ha, I wish. I did read somewhere though, that getting enough sleep helps you lose weight and keep it off. So I have been trying to go to sleep earlier and that made me wake up early. I’ve been up slince 7:00. I am so not a morning person , but I know that letting your body rest and replenish itself would definitely be a plus. So sleep is something Ill be working on and you should to. oh, I also found this aol thing about new years resolutions and you could win money so check this out I will for sure post a whole body picture today in the evening, be strong and healthy everyone, resist temptation.