Screw sippy cups, and update.

Update first. Yay! I havent stopped exercising. I haven’t been exercising like I should, but I have kept up with it. I took a 30 minute bike ride last week and i also started using a jumprope that I already had, so I spent no money. A plus for me because I am super broke right now. Anyway, I hate being fat, It’s horrible. I dont care what anyone says, being fat is not healthy and I am so not comfortable with my body, which is really what matters right after health. I hope I will be able to push myself harder when I exercise. Music definately helps so I will splurge on an armband for my very old ipod.
On the sippy cup, Yyeah, I was thinking of course my child needs a sippy cup because everyplace sells them and its, boob/bottle then sippy cuz then anyonther thing advertised, but I call BS on that. Um no I dont need to shell out 20 or 10 or even one dollar on a sippy cup. I will go straight to a cup for my baby, well, at least I’ll try. So screw spending money on a sippy cup. I wont do it.


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