Get moving!


Ha! all you other Ebay bidders, I just won a bidding war for a weeride kangaroo Ltd edition! Internet folk, if you haven’t seen one yet, google it and check it out. It’s a front riding child bike seat. The Limited edition one is plushier and looks more comfy than the regular one. I had to go to ebay because the only available ones are the regular version which doesn’t have as much padding.  And, above picture is what I got to start biking. I bought a pump, a bike bell and my baby a helmet. All I need is a child bike seat. I am super excited about biking again and exercising.
Also, Im sure that there are more, much more known blogs than this little Homegirlmama, but just in case I found two that I higly recommend. The funny one is she says she’ll make you feel better about your parenting skills but beyond that it gives you a good laugh well written as well. And, this one, this girl has 4 kids and stays classy, takes great pics and has these video scalled momversations check them out, could probably teach us about good blogging.


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