One way to lose weight


For For all you mamas or anyone who wants to start exercising listen to this. If it’s hard to get started exercising, DO NOT set super high expectations. For example, starting by saying you will lose a pound a day, a no no. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. Start by walking, biking, dancing, or anything that gets you moving, even signing up some were. I know that I might not be able to walk every day, so I allowed myself to make it only 5 days a week. How do I know what I am saying, I’ve done this before. When I got out of high school I was so overweight. I was eating at fast food places all the time and drinking soda like there was no tomorrow. When I got out of school, I decided there was no way I was going to the plus size part of the stores. I signed up with a gym and started working out daily. I stopped cold turkey going to fast food places and drinking soda I lost about 10lbs in one month. Then I took it slow. Eventually after one year of changing my habits and exercising (most important part), I lost 40 lbs. I know most of us want to lose it all quick, but I don’t recommend that. I think it’s about changing our habits, and our lifestyles. It’s hard, but it’s doable, don’t give up people, be healthy.


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