My Kolcraft Jogger stroller



This is stroller that I use to take my one year old walking with me. I set out a goal of walking at for one hour at least 5 times a week. This kolcraft stroller has a humungous bag it can hold most of my WIC. And that’s a whole bunch of milk gallons, so it has plenty of space. Having so much space allows me to carry a big load if I have to, but that’s also something I don’t like, it’s huge and takes up more than half of the sidewalk! This makes me have to get out of the way every time someone is coming towards me. However, It’s a jogger stroller and it doesn’t get stuck in the grass or other terrain, that smaller strollers would get stuck in. The one thing that bothers me now is just that, how big it is, and forget about getting on any public transportation with this, too bulky way too heavy. It is more help then hinder, allows me to take my walks with my baby and carry things that I need. I am thinking of selling this one on craigslist and investing in one called the mini city jogger. If you have any questions about my huge stroller ask me.

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