UGH WordPress frozen

I dont know it it happens to a lot of you folks out there. But many times it has happened to me. I go on wordpress and everysingle area that has a space for oyou to type n has like freaking invisivle letter? WTF? really? It’s so frustrating to not see what you are writing. I’ve been trying to update what the header says becasue the one I have is so lame and I cant do it. AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I freaking hate this, Now I remember why I hadn’t been on wrodpress for ever.

If you look for help there isn’t much info on how to fix it. I know it could be my laptop , but i doubt it. .

I should go to sleep it’s almost 11. HOpe this studpid blog deosnt make me angry enough to habve nightmares.
Forgive all ht emispelled words since I cant see what IM writting.
Hope no one else has to deal with this nonesense.
nighty night.


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